Utilities & Code

  Below are some projects in the works, half-in-the-works and not-even-one-seventh-in-the-works...

  • FragExt is a set of shell extensions to enable the display of per-file fragmentation information for FAT, FAT32 & NTFS volumes on NT4, Win2K, WinXP, Server 2003 & Longhorn. Also included is support for defragmenting files. Find out more here.
  • OeyEnc is a yEnc decoder for Outlook Express 6+ on WinXP. Find out more here.
  • JoinExt is a shell extension for combining multiple files into a single file. Find out more here.
  • sprintf.js is a poorly written sprintf function for Javascript done soley so I could kill some time while attending some nameless work event. See it in all its glorious action here.


  I've always had a plan to do more of this sort of thing, but rarely get around to it...

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