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  String __sprintf(
Format Specification
The format specification is generally the same as that for the C spritnf function. The two major differences are the addition of grouping control and the binary type.

Grouping is controlled through a ',' character followed by a positive integer. The integer specifies the length of each character group, beginning from the right of the result. For instance, a format of %,3d will group an integer result in sets of 3, such that 1000000 becomes 1,000,000. A format of %,4x will group a hexadecimal result in sets of 4, such that the value -1 becomes ffff ffff.

Note that grouping is ignored for types x and X if # is specified. Grouping is also ignored when type is s. When type is e or f, grouping is only performed on the numerator portion of the decimal.

Binary Type [b]
The binary type formats an value as its set of bits. The binary type does not support string or decimal values.

Format String

Call Signature
Result Length